Is your child picky?

Picky Eater

Was your child the one that started off loving all things food related, consuming anything and everything? Or were they the picky eaters right from the get-go? Finding creative ways to get food into children can be rather difficult. Sometimes, you surprise yourself with how creative you actually are!

How about medicines? Those yucky tasting herbal formulas can be quite challenging to get a young child to swallow. Check out these fun and integrative ways to get your child to consume their medicines with ease.

Add to Applesauce: Powders can easily be added to applesauce. TIP: Add only to the first spoonful! This keeps the rest of the applesauce tasting yummy for the child.

Create Popsicles: Popsicles are always a fun treat in the summer. Try adding your child’s herbal tincture to a healthy popsicle creation for a nice tasting treat! This can also be soothing for a sore throat.

Sweeten with Honey: If your child is over 1 years of age, add the herbal tincture to a spoonful of honey. TIP: Ask you Naturopathic Doctor if they have glycerate tinctures to ease the taste for children!

Rewards Calendar: As your child gets older, let them take charge. Create a calendar and each time they take their medicines have them add a sticker to the calendar. After 10 stickers – take them out to Chapters to purchase a book!

Through Momma: If your child is still breastfeeding, they can receive some medications through mom. Certain nutrients and herbs travel through breast milk and end up in baby.

It’s all about being creative! What are some different strategies that you use?


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