Are Castor Oil Belly Rubs For You?

Are Castor Oil Belly Rubs For You?

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil has a long history! In Ayurvedic Medicine it is traditionally used for individuals with joint pain as a topical anti-inflammatory. It has also been used internally as a stimulating laxative (which I do not recommend!) as well as for cosmetic use. Castor oil is extracted from Castor Beans. It has a unique structure, which allows for transdermal absorption.

How Does It Work?

Castor oil is applied topically to the belly and absorbed into the body. The function of our gastrointestinal system (called the “gut”) is controlled by our enteric nervous system, often termed our “second brain”. You know the feeling when you are nervous and you get butterflies in your stomach? Well that is because your brain in your head is communicating with the brain in your stomach. This communication is bi-directional; meaning your brain in your head talks to your brain in your stomach, and vice versa. Therefore, we need to keep both brains healthy!

Who Should Do Castor Oil Belly Rubs?

Castor oil is beneficial for any condition needing regulation of the nervous, hormonal or the immune system. It acts to cleanse our liver and our gut, and get things moving. It also has anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties making it a great topical for local pain. Further benefits of castor oil include:

  • Improves gas and bloating

  • Improves constipation

  • Enhances immune system

  • Improves liver detoxification

  • Nervous system relaxant

  • Topical anti-inflammatory

  • Improves lymphatic congestion

  • Breaks down excessive connective tissue of ovarian or breast cysts, fibroids, lipomas, scars

So, are castor oil belly rubs for you? Ask your health provider if they are safe for you.

Disclaimer: Talk to your Naturopathic Doctor before applying castor oil if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or have any immune conditions where you may not want to stimulate your immune system. 

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