About Me

Hi, I’m Erin!Erin Enns Picture

I am a playful yogi, chocolate fanatic, and Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) Graduate, living in Toronto. I love spending time with my family, being outdoors and empowering individuals to achieve and maintain sustainable lifestyle changes to optimize their health.

As one of the eldest in my family I embrace the responsibilities of looking after my younger siblings. This fostered within me a natural desire to work with children. I value families concerns and want to ensure that parents get the answers and solutions they need to optimize their children’s health effectively and safely.

I believe in supportive and collaborative health care. If you are looking to feel better, and receive safe and effective treatments for your health concerns, or have family and friends who are seeking this, I can help!

I look forward to providing honest, collaborative and quality care to allow you to reach your health goals!

How Naturopathic Medicine Found Me

Growing up, my nickname was “Miss. 21-Questions”. My curiosity was a trait that most admired in me. I love to listen when people tell me their story. Naturally, I chose a career that allowed me to do all of this – ask, listen and advise!

I started off my schooling at McGill University in Montreal where I studied Kinesiology. Kinesiology translates to the study of human movement. It was fascinating to study something so significant: the human body. With the inherent understanding of the role that physical movement plays in the optimization of health, I began to realize it is not just the physical that builds the foundation of health. Rather it is assessing the individual as a whole; assessing their emotional, spiritual and physical being to determine the root of what led to their disease state.

Soon after graduating from McGill University, I discovered the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. My enthusiastic curiosity towards naturopathic medicine and all of its various modalities provided me with an unquenchable appetite to learn and know as much as I could about the exciting field. For me, it was a matter of applying all that I loved most: listening to people’s stories and then using natural, scientifically-proven substances to bring them back to optimal health.

I hope you share the same love for naturopathic medicine with me.

And remember, it all starts with becoming a healthy individual, because a healthy you means a happier you!